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Introducing the first Keeping Up In Carmel affiliate, Keeping Up In Greenwood.

I launched Keeping Up In Carmel in August 2022 after seeing a need in our community. I was a mom of two (at the time) searching for a centralized resource that could tell me what was going on in our northern Indianapolis community and how I could successfully navigate an event or activity with my small kids. If I was so desperately searching for this resource, I took a leap of faith that other parents were as well, and started Keeping Up In Carmel.

The mission of KUIC is to serve as a central resource that raises awareness for family friendly activities, events, and businesses in the community while also providing parents with the tools needed to feel confident and excited to go out and create life-giving experiences with their kids. Our goal is to help families feel more connected and engaged with the place they call home.

I believe this need is real in many other communities across the country, including our neighbors on the south side of town. I’m so excited to announce the launch of the first Keeping Up In Carmel affiliate, Keeping Up In Greenwood.

Keeping Up In Greenwood will serve as a central resource for family life amongst the towns and communities on the south side of Indianapolis. By design, the platform will look and feel like KUIC with key pillars like IN Lists, park guides, and local business spotlights created and published weekly for the south side community.

KUIC affiliates will each be run by a single local ambassador that will be the face and voice of the affiliate platform, similarly to how I run Keeping Up In Carmel. Local ambassadors will be living out our mission in their geography as well as developing a local community of families similar to the KUIC community I have felt so blessed by over the last 9 months.

Meet Maddie–the local ambassador for Keeping Up In Greenwood! She is a wife and mom to two little boys living with her family in Greenwood. She as an eye for adventure and a creative professional background that makes her perfect for the role as our first local ambassador!

She also happens to be married to my brother and mama to my two sweet nephews. Learn more about Maddie, here.

OUR ASK—if you have ever found value in the Keeping Up In Carmel platform, help us spread the word to our friends on the south side! Giving @keepingupingreenwood a follow on instagram, and sharing our IG announcement reel to your stories would be A HUGE HELP in doing that.

As for Keeping Up In Carmel? We have an exciting summer ahead of us! Partnerships, giveaways, and inside looks for the KUIC community are all lined up to share with the most supportive and engaged community on the internet (and in real life ;))!


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